Ninth Wave Audio Sound Engineer, Recordist, Production, Remixing ninthwaveaudio
Guarantee for above £250 per 10-hour day

Ninth Wave Audio 2015/16 Rates

New NWA 64 Track Mobile with Sadie LRX from £800 per 10-hour day dry hire (Guarantee compulsory)
Guarantee for above £250 per 10-hour day

Sound Supervisor Rate £350 per 10-hour day

Carry-in Stereo recording from £450 per 10-hour day

PSC Sound Recordist rate £450 per 10-hour day inclusive of kit

Editing and Mastering from £50/hour

CD package rates from £2000 for 100 CDs inclusive of recording, editing and 4 page print (1 day record and edit)

All prices exclude VAT @ 20%, travelling and expenses (negotiable)